Puns of Dollywood

Confession: I adore puns. I think they’re punny. A good pun can always get a laugh out of me. I also tend to notice all the small details that go into making a theme park great, and Dollywood does not disappoint on either front. Here are some of my favorite puns at Dollywood!

These two can be found near Rockin’ Rodeway and Lightning Rod in Jukebox Junction.


There are over in Craftsman’s Valley, I believe.


In addition to the punny signs, there is also pun filled merchandise available.

If silly sayings aren’t your jam, there is also sweet hearted messaging to encourage you or your loved ones as well. It’s just as pretty as the puns!

There’s even some little Dolly winks that are a nod to her past. Check out the Chasing Rainbows Museum to get the back story to her history with Cas Walker.

Dollywood Puns 7

Keep your eyes peeled next time you’re there and let me know if you find any more!


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