Book Review: The Overdue Life of Amy Byler

The Overdue Life of Amy Byler enchanted me from page one. This feisty heroine has her flaws, but is also throughly and authentically her own person throughout the book. I loved geeking out with her over books (and my goodness is her e-reader book choice library theory is genius and all schools need it), and exploring her changing friendships amid a shifting landscape.

The narrative provides a great dichotomy of voice with her daughter’s journal entries alongside Amy’s first person narration. It’s a great reminder that we see the world differently at different ages, and each age holds its own perspective and wisdom.

I especially loved how motherhood is addressed- how it is all consuming love and exhaustion and how needing a break and wanting to remember who you are as a person is a normal, rational part of life. The insight on how our friend’s lives look versus are is an oft needed reality dose. I found it relatable that Amy was striving to rediscover who she is on her own, aside from her motherly role. There are seasons of life where it is so easy to get lost in surviving yourself in order to help your children thrive; after these seasons end, finding who you are outside of ‘mom’ is its own challenge.
This book was thought provoking, engaging, and had me fantasizing about being a librarian (again). I loved spending time with these characters and honestly want to befriend most of them. I definitely recommend it.


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