Disney Doppelgängers

When you’re a deep set Disney nerd like me, you eventually discover an obscure Disney character that kind of resembles you. For a fun game, I thought I’d do a side by side of characters I want to look like, versus the one I kind of do.

Disney Doppelgänger Goals

I wish I looked like…

These gorgeous animated creatures are beautiful from the inside out, with strength and intelligence leading their every decision. Plus I’d like the animal sidekicks, too (Raja is obviously my favorite, with Meeko a close second. I don’t count Sven as an animal sidekick, but I definitely want him in my life!)

Actual Disney Doppelgängers

So while I’d love to have Moana’s hair, Belle’s library, Anna’s moxie, Jasmine’s fierce ability to do what is right, and Pocahontas’s strength, I’m more like this lady:


Just kidding- though that meme is my favorite of 2019. But my actual Disney Doppelgänger is…


Queen Arianna, Rapunzel’s mom! Long brown hair, green eyes, love for books and lanterns.


Who’s your dream Disney Doppelgänger and actual Disney lookalike?


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