Disney+ Noelle Review

Never fear, there are no spoilers here!

Oh my garland.

Disney+’s Noelle may just be my new favorite Christmas movie. I’d been looking forward to it since I saw the first preview last month, and it did not disappoint.

Disney+ Noelle Review

With classic Anna Kendrick humor and a velvet bag full of great messages, this adorable confection of a movie is a present in itself. From discovering who you are and what you want to learning the joy of giving gifts, this funny film is just as full of messages as it laughs.

That is so jolly.

Things I love: my BFF Anna Kendrick, obviously. (Reading her memoir and watching her movies and following her on Twitter makes her my friend, right? That’s totally modern friendship and not at all creepy, yes?) She is so funny and sincere. The role of Noelle was clearly written for her. It’s a classic fish out of water tale, but with the importance of listening to your heart and saving Christmas all together.

While there’s a definite female power message, it’s more geared towards following your dreams regardless of glass ceilings. There’s also the universal message of not limiting yourself to what is expected of you. Other messages include valuing tradition while embracing some change (like add the GPS but keep the reindeer). Kindness and niceness counts year round, too. Learning to trust your instincts is a valuable message, too.

Plus its just full of new, fun catchphrases, like, “oh my garland,” and describing things as “jolly.” I’m so in for the Christmas lingo.

I’m not entirely sure what age range it’s best for, kid’s wise. As with many Christmas movies, the lack of belief in Santa is a plot point. With a four year old and a six year old, I don’t know if I’m ready for all the questions this plot can bring up.

Conversely, there are some great messages about acknowledging the hardship in the world while still believing in making Christmas magical for all. Additionally, the concept of grace- of acknowledging everyone makes mistakes, of accepting people’s flaws and differences and loving them anyway- is an important one. Another great message included is to keep trying, even when it’s hard and it feels like maybe you aren’t cut out for it.

Overall, this film is just so fun. I love the family relationships, the positive messages, and just going along on Noelle’s journey as she discovers who she’s meant to be. The supporting cast, with Bill Hader, Shirley MacLaine, Julie Hagerty, Billy Eichner, and Kingsley Ben-Adir, is absolutely phenomenal. The sets are fabulous, and the reindeer adorable. Snowcone is my favorite, and the antler tapping is adorable. It’s so well done, with the perfect balance of humor and growth.




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