What I’m Most Excited to Watch on Disney+

Disney+ officially launches less than a month from now! I am so beyond excited. They’ve been offering little tidbits about what’s coming. Thank goodness I signed up for the next 3 years- it’ll take me that long to watch all this great content! Here’s a sampling of what I’m most excited about.

The Disney and Pixar animation libraries: Although I’ve seen every feature once, there are a few I don’t own that I’m excited to show my kiddos. A Bug’s Life is definitely near the top of that list!

  1. Lady and the Tramp- We just recently showed the original canine love story to the kiddos, and they loved it. I can’t wait to watch this new live action one with them too! It may actually be our first selection on November 12.
  2. Noelle– Y’all, I adora Anna Kendrick. She seems to always be her quirky self, and I love that kind of naturalness in Hollywood. I think her Christmas movie is going to be delightful and a family favorite we watch every year.
  3. Imagineering Documentary- As a true Disney nerd, I am so thrilled for all the new behind the scenes documentaries. I’ve always loved the imagineering shorts and I can’t wait to learn even more about this amazing profession.
  4. Into the Unknown: The Making of Frozen II– I am all here for all of the sneak peeks into Frozen II. With the film coming to theaters just ten days after Disney+ launches, I am torn between watching it immediately or waiting until I’ve seen the film so I don’t accidentally learn any spoilers.
  5. Monsters at Work– I sure hope Mike and Sully return with the rest of Monstropolis!
  6. Andi Mack– I will admit I am shamelessly sucked into this show. From the beginning, everything is portrayed from Andi’s tween perspective. When things look small to adults, they look and feel big to Andi, and that’s how it feels when you’re a tween. Sadly, I fell behind and I need to do some catching up. Fingers crossed the whole series is on Disney+!
  7. DCOMS! Especially Zenon and Johnny Tsunami, as well as Smart House and all the other great DCOMS of my elementary and middle school years.
  8. Marvel- Ahem, this is embarrassing. But Disney hasn’t owned Marvel that long, and I haven’t seen…any of them. But the husband wants to watch them all in order, so that’s our plan. Except for AntMan. Everyone has their limits.
  9. Star Wars– I’m way behind here and thrilled to catch up with Rey and crew to find out what happens next.
  10. Classic live action fare- Pollyanna, The Parent Trap (both of them!), Swiss Family Robinson, That Darn Cat, Escape to Witch Mountain; I could go on and on. I can only wish and hope all of Haley Mills’s films will be available. I used to love those!
  11. Mary Poppins– I loved Mary Poppins Returns and want to show the kids, but in order. I can’t wait to show them this one!
  12. Lizzie McGuire– Excuse me while I relive my middle school years, but in a good way.
  13. 80s and 90s classic TV- Remember after school snacks set to the Disney Channel? Those shows are coming to Disney+ for us to show our kids. LOVE IT. I can’t wait to show them TaleSpin. I sure hope they like it…because they’re going to watch it with me either way.
  14. Wizards of Waverly Place– the show and both movies!!! I have literally been waiting five years to see Alex vs Alex, which wraps up the series. I’m thinking my kiddos are officially ready to watch it.

Disney may seem to own a lot now, but they’ve been acquiring channels for years. Remember how Freeform used to be ABCFamily? All of those original movies and Christmas specials are now going to be on Disney+ (pause for dance party). How exciting is that? I am so excited.

Looking for a more complete list? Here’s a complete directory from Verge on what to expect. You have 20 days to figure out what you want to watch and when. Happy list making!

What are you most excited about with Disney+ launching?


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