Top Dog: The Best Disney Dogs

It’s no secret that I’m crazy for canines and serious about Disney. So why not combine my two loves in one post?! Disney has given us some amazing dogs, so this is going to be no small task!

Top 5 Disney Dogs, Live Action Category

I know a lot of this category is from live action remakes, but that’s most of what we have to work with!


5 Every dog that performed in Iron Will.

4 The live action pups from 101 Dalmatians (even if they don’t talk in that one!)

3 Lady and the Tramp from the new live action remake coming to Disney+ on November 12. So it isn’t actually out yet, but I just know it’ll be great!

2 Chance, Homeward Bound: Although Chance has a lot to learn about what it means to be man’s best friend, he’s a riot. When he’s not making you laugh, he’ll bring the tears on with his journey of learning its okay to be loved, and love in return.

1 Shadow, Homeward Bound: This character is my dog Shadow’s namesake and for good reason. He is the very best of the good dogs. He leads selflessly, sacrifices, and overcomes all odds (including a mountain lion!) to get back to his person.

Top 10 Dogs, Animated Category

This one was even harder, because there are so many sweet and adorable animated pups.

10 Jock and Trusty, Lady and the Tramp: Although they aren’t always a good influence, they learn a lesson and are good in the end. Poor Trusty even gets hurt trying to help Tramp!

9 Percy, Pocahontas: Percy has quite the story arc for a movie not about a dog! He may start out spoiled and grumpy, but he learns to be good.

8 Max, The Little Mermaid: Prince Eric’s trusty mutt is the only one who recognizes Ariel as the singing girl who saved Eric, and he’s a bit of a prince himself!

7 Tramp, Lady and the Tramp: I’ve often felt like this film is the canine animated version of Pride and Prejudice. Both Lady and Tramp have a lot to learn, but their good hearts lead them to the right path.

6 Lady, Lady and the Tramp: She stands up for the baby, battles the evil Siamese cats, and shows Tramp that there’s another way of life to consider.

5 Bruno, Cinderella: Despite his old age, he defends Cinderella for all he’s worth. He even takes on Lucifer the cat!

4 Collie, 101 Dalmatians: Though he isn’t given a proper name, Collie is one of the main reasons Pongo, Perdita and the whole lot of the puppies make it home. He gets them to the barn, gets them food, and helps them along their way. Plus he’s a collie, so I have a built in weakness for him!

3 Pluto: Mickey’s best pal is one of my favorite dogs of all time. He’s always there for Mickey, and is practically the definition of a very good boy.

2 Bolt, Bolt: Poor Bolt stars in a television show and doesn’t know it. But his love for his person is real, and he’ll do whatever it takes to get back to her. He learns quite a bit along to way- including how to be a true hero.

1 Pongo and Perdy, 101 Dalmatians: These pup parents are fierce and intelligent- but we don’t know that they’re anything but loving until someone tries to steal their precious babies from them. They do whatever they can to rescue them, provide a home for all the others, and still find their way back to their people. Amazing.

Special Mention: Winston, Feast. This is one of my favorite shorts and I couldn’t let the list end without mentioning him. He struggles at first with his owner’s new life, but ultimately saves the day to do what is best for his person. His reward? Garnish..and year’s down the line, a sweet little baby to drop food on the floor. I cannot watch this without crying. It is perfection.

I love Dug from UP as well, but Disney didn’t own Pixar when that was released so I’m not including it. Maybe I’ll have to make a follow-up Pixar post!


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