Book Review: Shark Club

Shark Club is a delightful and informative read! With an up close look at sharks and a peek into the world of those who care for them, this book reveals a community (and it’s rival) that I knew little about. All of this information is woven into the plot seamlessly.
The plot has great flow and engaging characters. Protagonist Maeve’s world is so well balanced and slowly revealed that I felt just as conflicted as she did. Each character is uniquely and beautifully crafted; so much so that it’s a shame this place and these people are fictional, because I desperately want to visit and befriend them all (especially Hazel).
The Shark Club is a fun and entertaining read with a lot of depth- from finding what you love to deciding who you love and what you’re willing to sacrifice.


It wasn’t until I’d finished reading it that I realized the author’s mom is also a writer, and I read and reviewed one of her books last year (The Invention of Wings, with the review available via Goodreads or Instagram). So much talent in one family! Both authors are great at creating suspense, crafting thoroughly developed characters, and setting the scene just right.


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