Everything I Love About the Frozen 2 Trailer

You know it’s 2019 when you excitedly open an email from Disney to watch the new Frozen II trailer as it airs live on TV. Thank you, technology and YouTube, for bringing us this blessing. It is magnificent.

I also shared this trailer this morning on the blog’s Facebook page. Make sure you’re following there too to keep up to date on the latest Disney news and all the great books I’m devouring this year.

If you haven’t seen it yet, here it is:


There is so much I love about this. I love getting to see little Anna and Elsa again, and witness these warm family moments. It supports the first film’s foundation of what a tight knit family they were before they allowed Elsa’s secret to distance them. We also get to see the King as a kid, and learn more about Arendelle’s history.

All of our old friends are back, including Pabbie, the wise troll that sets our band of heroes on their journey. With Arendelle in danger, Elsa must learn more about her powers and how to use them to keep her people and her kingdom safe. Olaf is still bringing levity to serious situations (I still laugh every time I remember him saying, “Oh, look at that, I’ve been impaled,” in the original Frozen).

Also still her hilarious quirky self is my favorite character, Anna. I love her line, “Excuse me but I climbed the North mountain, survived a frozen heart, and saved you from my ex-boyfriend. So, you know, I’m coming.” While her joke is magnificent, the point behind it shows this film will have as much depth as Frozen. While overcoming our personal issues is hard, as Elsa showed in the original, it’s even harder to keep doing it every single day. Elsa’s first instinct is still to protect Anna at all costs. That isn’t something you just get over in one movie and two short films.

New characters include the amazing water horse and the entire village of people that have apparently been trapped behind the forest mist for who knows how long. Not to mention the boulder people Anna passes by in her ice canoe. I am seriously hoping the water horse is a friend and not a foe, because it is gorgeous and I like horses.

I am already nervous for whichever part will make me cry. The entire first movie, I was terrified something would happen to Sven. This time, I’m actually worried about Anna. I think the director has done a spectacular job of making us fear for Anna as much as Elsa does, to put us in Elsa’s shoes and help us understand whatever difficult choice Elsa must make. The line that makes me fear for Anna’s safety is at the beginning of the trailer, when Elsa says, “What would I do without you?” and Anna replies, “You’ll always have me.” Why would they have us witness that if not as foreshadowing of Anna being in jeopardy?! My heart is pounding and I have to wait two more months. Eek.

Visually, I can already tell this is going to be stunning. The color palette is gorgeous and will have us all relishing fall even as we prepare for Christmas. From Pabbie manipulating the Northern lights to show Elsa what could lie ahead to the vast mountain vistas to the new autumnal forest, every single scene is gorgeous.

Like little Anna said- it’s going to be epic.

Frozen II comes to theaters November 22, which is obviously where I’ll be that day. I might even take the kids with me…if they promise to be silent and not need to go to the bathroom during the movie! #MomWantstoSeeIt! This is the Year of Disney and I am so here for it.



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