Book Review: The Dream Daughter

Diane Chamberlain’s Dream Daughter is a gripping novel that examines family and sacrifice. I’d seen it recommended by another author I adore, and added it to my list without even reading the summary!

The first half of this novel is so fun to read. Witty characters, an intriguing plot, and well written to boot equals an enjoyable read. But then things get serious as themes of sacrifice appear and this book goes deep, fast. The predicament of protagonist Carly hits a little too close to home- a mother’s love and all we endure for our babies- and circumstances weigh heavily in this fictional adventure.

I found myself trying to solve her problem even as I wasn’t reading the book. My sorrow for her impossible choice lingered after I had to step away (these children of mine just insist on being fed! 😂).

While this book had a lovely conclusion, the second half was so intense! This book is so well written, the characters interesting and thoroughly developed, and reminds me of The Time Traveler’s Wife.


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