10 Movies Your Teenage Self is Begging You to Rewatch

Remember those iconic movies from our teenage years? I’m talking 10 Things I Hate About You, Clueless, Save the Last Dance material. These movies gave us celebrity crushes, taught us new catch phrases (fetch is just not going to happen, Gretchen!), and populated our Friday nights.

So which of these movies deserve a re-watch and which should stay in the past?

Watch it again!

  1. She’s the Man– the 90s and 2000s gave us a few Shakespeare updates, and this twist on Twelfth Night provides plenty of laughs, Channing Tatum shirtless, and Amanda Bynes is on point.10 Movies Your Teenage Self is Begging You to Rewatch
  2. 10 Things I Hate About You– the other Shakespearean twist, only this time on The Taming of the Shrew. This adaptation is fun and playful and not at all what high school was actually like. Thanks for giving us unrealistic expectations, epic party flier distribution and Heath Ledger.
  3. Clueless– “Cher, that was a stop sign.”/ “I totally paused!” This gem is fun from beginning to end, although the trend continues that this was not my high school experience.10 Movies Your Teenage Self is Begging You to Rewatch
  4. Mean Girls– Tina Fey’s adaptation of an actual parenting book (“Queen Bees and Wannabes”) always has me rolling with laughter. This quotable movie is still just as relevant, and that bus scene is unforgettable.10 Movies Your Teenage Self is Begging You to Rewatch
  5. Save the Last Dance– the first drama on our list and a reminder that Julia Stiles was a teen legend. I haven’t rewatched this one lately, and I’m a little afraid to be honest. I thought the subject of race was gracefully handled in the 90s, but now I’m an adult and it’s 2019, so I’m not sure how its held up.
  6. Never Been Kissed–  Drew Barrymore made writing for a local newspaper look exciting and then there was that weird moment where a teacher and student fell for each other and it’s rather uncomfortable until he learns her age. But a fun spin on second chances nonetheless.
  7. Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead– it’s amazing how many things I missed as a kid that I noticed when rewatching as an adult, like how the older sister becomes the mom when she’s put in charge due to strange circumstances. Plus that iconic line- “I’m right on top to of that, Rose!”- that remains a popular phrase my sister and I toss around.10 Movies Your Teenage Self is Begging You to Rewatch
  8. What A Girl Wants– Amanda Bynes tackling the British establishment and learning how important it is to be your true self? I still tear up at certain moments.
  9. Sabrina the Teenage Witch – before the hit series (the OG TGIF one and the new Netflix one) came this classic with Melissa Joan Hart. I still remember that diving board cartwheel.
  10. Bring it On – Competitive cheerleading and cultural appropriation? This movie was clearly ahead of its times (well, in some ways). It’s still a fun rewatch!

These 90s and 2000s films area fun flash back and stand the test of time (except, you know, how smart phones change the way we live. But it’s a welcome absence sometimes!).

What are your favorite movies from your teen years?


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