Knoxville’s Hidden Treasure: Beach Bums Shaved Ice Review

This post appeared on our original site a little over a year ago, but has since been updated.

If you’re longing to feel the sand in your toes but are bummed we’re quite a few hours from any beach, just head down Oak Ridge Highway and you’ll find a lovely compromise.

Beach Bums serves flavored shaved ice at a great price, guaranteeing family fun. With dozens of yummy flavors, a giant sandbox, and comfy chairs to relax in, you can feel like you’re at the beach even when your budget says that isn’t happening this year. There are sand toys scattered throughout the play area, so kids can truly dig in to the experience. There’s plenty of seating, both on the deck and in the sandbox, so you can see the kids easily or sit separately if you don’t have kids with you.

There’s plenty of seating for adults and kids alike.
Talk about a fun way to burn off some energy!

The menu is extensive, and trying to pick a flavor was the real challenge of the day. You can also mix and match and create your own custom flavor. The friend who invited us crafted lemon strawberry, which was light and refreshing. We ultimately chose Lava Flow, a spin on a strawberry pina colada, and it was delicious. Since my kids cared more about playing in the sand box than devouring this delectable treat, I even got a fair mom’s share! On our second visit, we tried Orange Dreamsicle and Bahama Mama. This time my kids wanted a little bit more of the shaved ice, but a regular was still a good amount for us to share. It’s incredible-the Orange Dreamsicle really tasted like an old fashioned Dreamsicle, a combination of orange and vanilla ice cream that melts in your mouth. I don’t know how they made ice taste like vanilla ice cream, but my waist line thanks them! It melts slowly, so even when it’s hot outside you can still enjoy it for a good long while. The Bahama Mama flavor I brought home to my husband, and it didn’t even get all melty in the car (although I was on standby to grab a spoonful here and there in the event that occurred).

Bahama Mama matches my azaleas!

If you want to give Beach Bums Shaved Ice a try, head down to 8335 Oak Ridge Highway. The owner and employees are super friendly, and you can even taste test a flavor before you order a whole cup of it. Sometimes you can even snag a Groupon! You can check out their Facebook page for hours and additional information. Make sure to follow them for all the latest info, like their new Tuesdays are for the Dogs special for the canine love in your life.

What’s your favorite summer treat?


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