Movie Review: Always Be My Maybe

Never fear, there are no spoilers here!

Netflix has been hitting it out of the park with their original movies and TV shows, and I was hesitantly intrigued by Ali Wong’s new movie based on the trailer:

Based on the trailer, I thought it looked funny and the premise intrigued me, but some of it looked like it could venture into being crass and raunchy.

My curiosity won out, as it often does, and I am so glad I watched it! It was funny, sweet, and had such a deeper plot than I expected.

We meet both main characters when they’re in late elementary or early middle school. We see them awkwardly grow up together, their friendship a constant in their lives.  They’re both likable and flawed in realistic ways. I love how relatable they are, and how their friendship shapes their lives.

With deep topics broached such as grief, lifestyle choices, and family relationships, this film delves into the topics that touch our hearts. Add to that the highly relevant conflict of a motivated and ambitious woman whose career is more high profile than her love interests, and you’ve got a modern rom-com with just the right amount of conflict.

I absolutely love how this movie tackles not only women have to fight to have any kind of balance in their lives, and shows the emotional struggle that comes with having a career higher in ambition than your significant other’s. This is such a pertinent topic, and it was handled gently and with compassion.

Aside from the secretly deep plot tucked into the hilarious banter and positive female friendships, this movie just excelled on all levels. The acting was wonderful, the plot fantastic, and the writing phenomenal. I loved every minute.

But be warned, whether you enjoy it or not: you’ll find yourself humming Mariah Carey’s Always be my Baby for weeks afterward.


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