Behind the Scenes of the Kid Reviewed Dollywood Commercial

We had the exciting opportunity to participate in the making of the Kid Reviewed Dollywood commercial!

Filming took place at Dollywood with the amazing Dolly Parton herself. We arrived, got a name tag for our kiddo, and then the producers asked him to say a line. After he said it, he got in line with all the other kids as they decided who would say what.

Behind the Scenes Dollywood commercial
Ground view of the set!

Then Dolly came out, and they had each child say their line, with Dolly’s responses. She shot all of her scenes all at once, as she was on day 3 of a press tour and was likely worn out! Despite all of that, after the filming had finished for her parts, she asked the kids if they had any other questions for her- but their actual questions this time. She then patiently answered each and every question those kiddos asked. It was super sweet.

Behind the Scenes Dollywood commercial
The fabulous Dolly filming with the kiddos.

My kiddo wasn’t on stage at this point yet, so he didn’t get to ask a question. But that didn’t stop him! After the first round of shooting, they did a group photo. When Dolly came out to take the photo, he got to ask his questions! She so sweetly bent down to talk to him on his level, and then patiently answered his question!

Behind the Scenes Dollywood commercial
My kid asking Dolly his question!
Behind the Scenes Dollywood commercial
Dolly answering my boy’s very important question.

What was my little fella’s oh so important question for Dolly? He asked her what her favorite ride was, and then asked if she’d ride Rockin’ Rodeway with him! Only this kid would bravely ask the lovely Dolly Parton on a date!

Group photo!

After Dolly left to do more Dolly things, there was more filming of the kids saying their lines. Not all lines were included in the final product, likely due to time constraints.

Our kid had a blast spending the morning with the famous Dolly of Dollywood, someone who sent him books every month from infancy to age 5 (if you haven’t yet, check out Dolly’s Imagination Library! It’s just so wonderful!).

Here’s the final commercial:


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