Smoky Mountain Opry Review


I’ve lived within an hour of the Smoky Mountain Opry for nearly five years. My interest has been piqued for awhile, as we often drive through Pigeon Forge around Christmas to take in all the beautiful light displays up during Winterfest. It was on one of these drives we happened upon the Smoky Mountain Opry, and could hear the beautiful Christmas music wafting into the chilly parking lot, with Christmas trees and lights ablaze.

Finally, I recently had the opportunity to see the show. WOW. It was much different than I anticipated. The emcee is the former ringmaster for Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus (RIP, you are missed classic circus), and the only female ringmaster ever at the circus. She does a spectacular job of narrating the show.


Their current show opens with a medley of songs from The Greatest Showman, with aerialists and acrobats to boot. The sets are fantastic, and the music is on point. Because of the term opry and the style it implies, I was surprised to find music outside the country genre. But interspersed throughout the show, between a startlingly wonderful rendition of a Garth Brooks song and a toe tapping country number, songs from Beauty and the Beast and An American Tale were performed. A classic country hit is updated with choreography including a silks aerialist that pairs perfectly. The caliber of talent is remarkable, and I had no idea we had such a marvelous show right in our own backyard.

As a huge Disney nerd, I especially loved the Beauty and the Beast and Mary Poppins song and set, and their An American Tale number brought tears to my eyes, as I’ve been known to sing it to my babies at bedtime (though they’re now old enough that both would blanch at being called babies, but they’ll always be my babies. I get what my Grams meant about that now.) I definitely quietly sang along many a time (as the audience is kind of encouraged to- I couldn’t tell if they were joking!).

During one big set change, a comedian comes out. Although I expected it to be a cheesy series of bits, he was seriously funny. I had tears in my eyes.

With fun concessions and songs the kids may know, this show may even work for those visiting with kids. Although the 8 p.m. start time and two hour run time is a bit after my little ones’ bedtime, I look forward to taking them at some point. Until then, I’m looking forward to visiting seasonally with my hubs as a date night!

If you’re interested in checking out the Smoky Mountain Opry and you live in one of the counties surrounding Sevier County, you can visit for a discounted rate!


You can also purchase tickets online here. Tickets typically begin at $19.99, with special deals and coupons often found here. Ticket prices depend on what seats you choose.

Have you seen Smoky Mountains Opry? What was your favorite part?


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