Valentine’s Day the Kindergarten Way

Roses are red, 
Violets are blue, 
If no one has said,
This is your Valentine’s cue!

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends! Although today is usually all about the love between couples, there’s more to this hearts-galore day than that. It’s a lovely opportunity to shower your friends, family, and even pets with a little extra love.

Until my kids had reached the school age, I’d forgotten the simplistic beauty of Valentine’s Day. Yesterday, I had to explain to my Kindergartener that its also a day for couples, and so Daddy and Mommy would be having a special dinner (his sense of injustice over that is another post in itself!) Having only experienced Valentine’s through his six year old eyes, he saw it as a day that everyone showed some love. He loved writing out his valentines for his classmates and family members, and it simply hadn’t occurred to him to not make everyone feel special.

Remember the joy of early elementary school Valentine’s parties? Everyone gets a card from everyone, there’s no secret hope that the cute boy three desks down will notice you, you load up on sugar and friendship and get a dozen cards of your friend’s favorite characters.

Wouldn’t it be lovely to look at Valentine’s this year like a Kindergartener?! If you’re not romantically involved, see it the Disney way, as Friendship Day. Tell your friends how much they mean to you. Buy a dollar box of chocolates, curl up with some dogs and good friends, and watch silly movies. Or if you’re married or involved, tell your person why you love them.

Kindness doesn’t cost anything. Sometimes everyone forgets what makes them special, or worries no one notices the effort they put into making the world a better place. It’s amazing how a simple, “I see you” can change their day.

Mamas, I see you trying to raise thoughtful and kind kiddos.

Dads, I see you teaching and leading your kids, too.

Friends, I see you being there for your loved ones.

People, I see you. I see you holding doors, smiling, lending a hand. I see you checking on your neighbor. I see you loving on your friend’s kid.

I see you.

You are making the world a little better, just by being you.

Happy Valentine’s Day, world. You are loved.

You are loved.


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