Buy a Straw Cleaner and Save Your Sanity

This post is NOT endorsed by any company. I truly love these products and want to share them with you. 

Do you know what my kids have an absolute ton of?

Cups. Sippy cups, cups with built in straws, pop up cups, promotional cups. I have so. many. cups.

Guess what I also have?

Straws of my own. I received these amazing Pioneer Woman reusable straws as a Christmas gift THREE YEARS AGO and I’m still using them and I adore them. I love them because they allow me to drink like a normal human being without spilling (ahem, something I am apparently not capable of without a straw) yet I’m not harming the environment with hundreds of plastic straws a year.

You can even see one here, in my post on Peach Sweet Tea!

What I didn’t have was a way to clean those awesome straws. And, after 3 years of continual running through the dishwasher, it just wasn’t getting the job done. I wanted to deep clean those suckers. Enter these amazing straw cleaners.

I was able to clean my awesome Pioneer Woman straws, and now they’re nice and clean. I squirted a little dawn on the straw brush, ran it through the straw from both ends, swished it around, rinsed…and then put it in the dishwasher too, because I really want to kill ALL the germs and my dishwasher has a sanitize cycle that puts my mind at ease.
The real power of these straw cleaners wasn’t just on my straws. I whipped out the kids cups with straws and was able to clean not only the straw, but the mouthpiece too.
Y’all, the horror. Truly, the horror. The white straw cleaner came out black. BLACK. Some of that was residue from chocolate milk. But I know some of it was dead mold that had just been sitting in those straws, unbeknownst to me or my kiddos. Ewwwww. You just can’t unsee that.
Of course I then cleaned every straw and mouthpiece in the dang house, because now I knew. And once you know, you must clean, clean, clean.
If my hands hadn’t been covered in soap, I’d have filmed it to show you. It’s insane. And super gross.
These straw cleaners are definitely the best thing I’ve purchased this year. I KNOW. It’s $5 and it earns that title, because now I know my kid’s (and me) are drinking through super clean straws.
As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. 

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