Star Projection Night Light Review

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Both of my kids are totally and completely obsessed with all things outer space. They want to be astronauts, they read space books, they love space shows, and they love watching the astronauts read bedtime stories.

When it came time for my youngest child’s birthday, the big 3, my family thoughtfully asked me to add some items to his Amazon wish list (best idea ever- you don’t have to keep track of what item you told which family member he wanted, and they know what he has and what he wants even when they live on the other side of the country!). I stumbled across this Star Projection Night Light and thought how much they’d both love it. Our humidifier used to project stars onto the ceiling, but then that feature started failing and strobing and checking on them during the night was akin to being in an actual horror movie. So I added this to the list, and my amazing sister got it for him, and they’ve been obsessed with it for that last week.
It works great- you can set a timer so it doesn’t go all night if you don’t want it to, you can have it be an actual light, a lantern with stars on it, or projected onto the ceiling. There are many colors to choose from, including having a combination of colors or all the colors. It can rotate or be still.

Here’s a link if you want to check it out more:

The first night we used it, they were actually excited to go to bed. When we turned it on, my five year old exclaimed, “It’s like we’re in outer space!” The birthday boy just reverently whispered, “I love it!” When we did bedtime prayers, my youngest was praying for the stars and all the colors he could see. 
It’s been almost a week and they’re still completely obsessed. They’re still excited for the bedtime routine because it means they can watch the stars as they fall asleep. We’ve only used it with the cover off and on, but always with the star insert. I imagine if you’re creative you could create another overlay and trade it out with animals, etc.

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