March Madness Disney Style

Confession: I often get sucked into Buzzfeed articles. I know. It’s honestly usually a time-waster, because knowing what type of sandwich I am isn’t crucial material. But last night, I came across this article that discussed a Tweet in which someone made a March Madness style bracket to pit Disney and Pixar animated features against each other.

Y’all. In an alternate reality, I apparently write for Buzzfeed because the author and I had many of the same grievances.

Because I love you, I redid the bracket in the proper fashion. The formatting isn’t perfect, so please forgive me. Here’s my bracket:

My Disney Bracket- Sorry for the formatting issues. I’m not sure why Ratatouille disappeared, but it beat A Bug’s Life.
THIS WAS SO HARD. I love so many of these movies, and several great ones were left out (Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, 101 Dalmatians, I could go on). Choosing between my beloved movies was insanely difficult, and I feel like my energy is spent. Also, I hate making decisions in general, so. I’m basically done for today.

I feel like I’ve abandoned some of my dear films. I’m sorry, Mulan. I love you. Hercules, your ‘Go the Distance’ song is still one of my all-time Disney song favorites. No offense, Big Hero 6, I’ve only seen you once and you were beautiful and smart, I just love Tangled so much. Pocahontas, you know I love you; we’ve been through so much together. Don’t even get me started on pitting UP against Coco. My heart, y’all.

What would you do differently? Here’s a blank bracket, shared by the original Twitter user, to fill out on your own!


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