Mott’s Juice Pouch Review

I received coupons for free Mott’s Juice Pouches to try and review. Here is the review!

We tried the Apple Cherry flavor of the Mott’s juice pouches. Both of my boys, ages 2 and 4, loved the flavor. I like the pouch shape, as its easy to toss in a bag on the go. It had a good flavor, but they drank it super fast. It was a little difficult to get the straw in the pouch as well. Overall, it was a hit. It’s something I can imagine picking up every now and again as a special treat, but not something I’d buy consistently since it didn’t satisfy their thirst for long. 

We also usually water their juice down, because they’re both extremely active which leads to us needing to make sure they stay hydrated. By watering down their juice, we make sure they only drink the American Academy of Pediatrics recommended amount of juice while also getting plenty of water. I really liked the convenience of having a drink prepared, and all I had to do was grab and go.

Do you have a favorite juice brand? What is it?

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