Where You Lead: A Gilmore Girls Addiction

So you may or may not know that 4 new episodes- mini-movies, really- of beloved television hit Gilmore Girls will be gracing our TV screens on November 25.

As a true Gilmore addict- complete with fast talking, pop culture referencing, coffee drinking synchronicity- of course I decided to rewatch the entire series- all 7 seasons- before the new episodes air. After all, I don’t want to miss any references to past episodes, minor characters, or really anything at all, because as you can clearly see, I have a problem. I’d say i’m on the road to recovery, but really I’m on my couch hitting ‘Play Next Episode’ over and over again.

However much I’d love to be a gorgeous genius with an unbeatable metabolism like Rory, I made one fatal flaw with my re-watching plan. I didn’t figure how many episodes I’d need to watch per day before the premiere in order to complete my goal. I also didn’t take into account the week I spent with my sister or any weekend days when my husband is home and I have to pretend to be human.

So here I am, 9 mere days away from Gilmore glory, and I have 46 episodes left. I’ve been binge watching like mad. Gilmore Girls is my constant- it’s on while I clean, workout, prep food, organize, fold laundry. It’s almost as though Stars Hollow is in my house, it’s on so much.

I’d write more, but I have to watch 5.1 episodes per day in order to meet my goal, and I’m so close, y’all. So close.

Of course I’ll review endlessly when they come out, so stay tuned.

Also, for the record, I’m Team Logan all the way. Of course, I’m currently on season 5, the Logan years, so I may be biased. Also, my coffee intake has greatly increased with my binge schedule. Not that I need it to stay up, it’s just the power of suggestion. The Gilmore coffee obsession just makes you want to partake in the magical wonders of coffee.

Also, don’t worry. My family is still fed, clothed, and mostly educated and entertained daily despite my Gilmore obsession. My sleep schedule is hurting, but I can sleep after the premiere.

Is anyone else kidnapped by Gilmore Girls binge watching? Are you Team Dean, Jesse, or Logan? (Obviously Rory nor Lorelei need a guy, I just particularly like the banter and love between Luke and Lorelei and Rory and Logan.

Right, my TV is calling and my fictional TV besties are waiting. See you on the other side!


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