The Mindy Project Review: Season 4, Episode 1

I LOVE The Mindy Project. All caps doesn’t even do my love for it justice. I discovered it this summer while J was away on business and I was super pregnant, and I got sucked in. Then I re-watched them all with J after he got home, as he loved it. I’m a huge fan of all things Mindy– as an actress, a writer, and the character Mindy Lahiri.

Why do I love the actress? She’s honest, which is beyond refreshing in our age of Photoshop and lies. She’s open about her struggles as a female comedian, a writer, a minority, perception of her body, etc. She’s hilarious in a seemingly effortless way. She makes me want to be her best friend in every interview I’ve read and/or seen. I read recently she doesn’t like being described as ‘real’, but that’s a great word for her if only because she doesn’t share just a tiny part of herself with the world. She’s open and shares a lot of herself, emotionally, which is why she seems real. We get to see her as a whole person, and not just a persona.

Mindy Kaling writes books and television shows. I first became a fan of her when she was on The Office, playing Kelly. She had me in stitches all the time. She’s also a writer on her own show, The Mindy Project. She’s written two books, one of which I have on audio and can’t wait to listen to next week on a road trip, and another that just came out Tuesday, September 15 and that I’m on a waiting list for at the library. The fact that I’ve withheld listening to the audio book until my road trip is a testament to a willpower I totally lack in other areas of my life. But this book is like wedding cake: it’ll totally be worth the wait, and probably super memorable. No pressure, Mindy. No pressure.

Also? My wedding cake was delicious, so that’s kind of the best compliment I can give someone. I hope it isn’t insulting to compare someone’s work to cake. I love cake.

Why do I love Mindy Lahiri, the main character on The Mindy Project? She’s confident and totally comfortable with herself. I strive to be her, basically. Except for OB/GYN job, because I don’t do blood so well and could never give people bad news. Back to the character. She’s funny, confident in her beauty, able to admit when she’s wrong, and she wears her heart on her sleeve. She’s the most likable character on TV, by far.

Okay, now to the review. If you aren’t up to date on season 3, stop reading and go binge watch before coming back. I’ve been anxiously awaiting the season 4 premiere, which transitions our show from Fox to Hulu. The premise, as described in ads and descriptions, follows Danny as he goes to India to introduce himself to Mindy’s parents, while she’s in an alternate reality in which she and Danny never got together, and she’s instead married to a character played by Joseph Gordon Levitt. Joseph and Mindy are great together, and Mindy figuring out her alternate reality self is a barrel of laughs. I never thought I would enjoy someone saying “Ex-squeeze me?!” so much, but she makes it hilarious.

While Danny finds himself in a pickle, Mindy finds her whole personality altered by the lack of Danny’s influence in her life. It all circles back to what Mindy and Danny said previously: the best person for you is the person who challenges you to be your best self. Mindy and Danny have that effect on each other, and they’re even more likable together than they are separately. Their dynamic is enviable, and the actors play off of each other really well.

I didn’t notice a huge difference between the Fox and Hulu productions, as I thought Mindy was just as hilarious as ever. But J was a little disappointed. I’m hypothesizing we were both just so excited, the episode couldn’t live up to his expectations. I think once all the characters are reunited, and not on separate sides of the world, their interactions will resume the normal level of hilarity that J appreciates. The actors all work so well together that it’s nearly criminal to not have them all interact at the office.

I’m so excited for the new season of Mindy. I can’t believe I have to wait another 6 days until the next episode, though. I wish I could just binge-watch, but then I’d be sad until even more episodes were available.

Have you seen season 4, episode 1? What did you think of it?


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