A Charlie tribute

Today marks one year since my darling Charlie passed away. To honor his life of love, here’s a tribute:

Three times is best
All dogs are different,
But Charlie is unique–
Though not in the way you might think.
He hasn’t led a dog sled team to victory,
He didn’t swim across a great sea,
He never helped  a fireman,
To put out a wildfire ravaging the land,
He didn’t back-up a policeman, barking a burglar into a van;
But he does dance when you pat him
And greet shorelines with a splash and a swim,
And sneeze three times when he’s happy. 
He’ll lick your tired feet,
And cuddle beside you to sleep,
Especially if you’re sick.
There’s nothing a Charlie kiss can’t fix
So when you’re feeling down or sappy
Throw a ball for Charlie and you’ll be happy–
Charlie’s happiness is contagious, you’ll see
You’ll have a sneezing fit, in threes.

Enjoy that great dandelion field in the sky, my friend. One day I’ll see you again.

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