Veronica Mars Movie Review

Calling all Marshmallows! The Veronica Mars movie hit AMC theaters and the digital world yesterday, reuniting marshmallows with their favorite teen-turned-twenty-something sleuth.

Cue the cliched “Reunited and it feels so good” music, please.

In case you either missed the show when it was on UPN/CW, Netflix, or somehow haven’t seen the movie trailers or heard about the legendary Kickstarter campaign, you can view it here:

By legendary kickstarter campaign, I’m referring to the fact that the funs funded this movie. The actors barely got paid, if they did at all, and mostly just reunited for the fun of it and to honor their loyal fandom.

Honor us, they did. The movie was excellent. One review I read (I’m afraid I’ve mommy-brained and forgotten which blog it was on; I’m terribly sorry for not giving proper credit where it is due) noted that the film felt like an entire season of VM, condensed into one film. We had the typical over-arching mystery, as well as the smaller mystery that sets Veronica on the case in the first place.

Fear not, friends. No spoilers here!

In case you missed the VM craze in its earlier inception or its most recent reincarnation, here’s a quick Inigo-Montoya style sum up:

After her high school best friend was murdered and her father ousted as Sheriff in the small, economically divided community of Neptune, CA, teenager Veronica Mars starts investigating the murder herself. Having picked up some tools of the trade from her now private investigator dad, Veronica uses her quick wits, ability to think on her feet, and stun gun to solve the crime. We see her through two years of high school, one year of college, and a sex tape scandal to boot. The movie picks up nine years after the TV show ends, and many familiar faces re-emerge.

Movie plot summary: Logan, Veronica’s off-again, on-again love interest, is in hot water after supposedly getting his life together. Accused of murdering a former Neptune High alum, Logan seeks out Veronica for help. After nine long years of radio silence, Veronica once again puts her life on hold, leaving New York to return to Neptune to save Logan’s ever-troublesome behind.

Can she find the murderer? Can she resist Logan in a Navy uniform? Will the new Veronica, a non-sleuthing, law school grad, withstand the magnetic pull of old, inquisitive, push-the-envelope-until-it-burns Veronica?

As always, the witty banter, pop culture references and amazing character development shine. We get to see who Veronica has become, as well as watch her struggle to find the best balance for herself.

I give the movie an A+. Much like the show, it’s slightly too suspenseful for me and I woke up several times last night thinking about the film. However, Veronica is the only sleuth I’m willing to bite my nails for (and trust me, I lost several watching this movie.) Watching the movie is like being reunited with an old friend, if you can consider fictional characters friends. It makes you harken back to who you were when the show was on, and how you’ve changed since then, too. Or at least that’s a side effect that hit me.

In any case, VM fan or not, I recommend this film. It’s nice to finally have a conclusion after the show was unexpectedly cancelled without the opportunity to have a series finale.

After all, a long time ago, we used to be friends.


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