Bittersweet #1

My darling Baby A just turned the big one. His first birthday was a joyous day, marked with a special breakfast, fun party and lots of love and hugs from his adoring parents. As his momma, I inexplicably felt sad at the end of the day. Once the party was over, the house cleaned up and he was sleeping angelically in his crib, I found myself tearing up a bit. Although I’d had moments during the day, when thinking about my dad grandma watching from heaven instead of down here with us, I wasn’t truly sad until the celebrations were over.

We are so blessed to have close friends here in Alaska that celebrate with us. It certainly helps us feel a little less far away from our families. 
I’m only sad because now that A is one, there aren’t any more first holidays. I know we still have lots of firsts ahead, but sad we no longer get to experience his initial reaction to new holidays. He’s experienced them all now. What a silly reason to be sad; I know! Yet here I am.
I can’t thank our friends and family enough for loving on my sweet boy on his birthday, and every day this past year. We are so grateful God has surrounded us with such loving people. And that, dear friends, is something to be cheery about. So cheers to you: thanks for joining us for the journey.

So much cake can be intimidating!

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