Dog or baby?

Dog or Baby?

Though having dogs and children are vastly different experiences, I’ve often come across some similarities. In order to have a little fun, take this little quiz and try to determine which member of my family caused these problems: dog or baby?

  1. No eating shoes!
  2. Baby

  3. Leave the trash can alone!
  4. Baby

  5. Don’t eat toilet paper!
  6. Baby

  7. Out of the kitchen!
  8. Baby

  9. No chewing on the furniture!
  10. Baby

  11. Don’t destroy books!
  12. Baby

  13. Let ______ eat!
  14. Baby

  15. Don’t destroy the tissue box!
  16. Baby

  17. Don’t make that noise!
  18. Baby

  19. Don’t get paper out of the trash!
  20. Baby

The ones that apply to both earned you a point for either answer. What did you get? Let me know in the comments!

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