Adventures in coffee making

Two years ago for Christmas, my husband bought be a beautiful, red coffeemaker. There were many reasons I loved it, including the red color that matches my pop-of-red themed kitchen. Since Baby A has arrived, and my sleep schedule has severely suffered due to his ‘sleep is for the weak’ mindset, and my coffee intake has increased. I used to just be a weekend coffee drinker, and instead am now a daily coffee drinker.
Sadly, two days ago, my beautiful red coffeemaker went to the big kitchen in the sky. Or, in this case, a landfill in Alaska. This left me with a fairly large problem of planning on moving and needing something I use daily replaced. Conundrum. We finally decided it would be better to just buy a cheap-o coffeemaker to tide us over until our move, rather than buy another nice one just to sell it in a couple of months. But that left me without a coffeemaker for two whole mornings.
Rather than be a menace to all who encounter me during these 48 hours, I decided to try two different methods of making coffee without my beloved brewer.
Day 1: Camping Hacks Method
I saw a random camping hacks article on Facebook that I read, despite my inexperience camping. I’m glad I did, since I needed one bit of information I gleaned from that article. The author recommended tying floss around a coffee filter filled with coffee, then steeping it in your cup of hot water like tea.
I did use floss, but forgot that I accidentally bought the short coffee filters last time, thus making tying the floss a little more difficult. Things I didn’t take into account:
~coffee grounds absorb water more than tea, so you need more water than you might think.
~If you’re used to moderate to strong coffee, this coffee may taste very weak. Especially if you’re new to steeping.
Day 2: Release the tea maker
We have a tea maker that includes a basket for loose leaf tea, so I decided to try brewing coffee, in the filter, in that little basket. Since our tea maker is specifically for iced tea and therefore the pitcher can’t handle extra-hot items, I put a glass bowl underneath to collect the coffee. After the weak coffee debacle of the prior day, I added extra water to circumvent the coffee grounds absorbtion. Sadly, I doomed my own coffee again. This time, I had too much water. My coffee is still too weak. Thankfully my husband is bringing home our replacement coffeemaker today, so my ventures into the world of coffeemakerless coffee are coming to an end.

I know this post is very first world problem-y. I’m incredibly blessed to have shelter and food, a home with a loving family. I mostly found my coffee-problem plight humorous, and I wanted to share my experiments in coffee. It’s also a nice reminder to appreciate the little technologies that make our daily life just a little bit easier each day.

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