The anti-princess movement

Recently I saw this:

This makes me sad. Why must we, as adults, push anything on little girls? 
It’s okay to pretend you’re a Princess. It’s okay to play with race cars, climb trees, read books, idolize historic figures, and look up to Disney princesses. Before you shove a ‘we as a society’ rant down my throat, you should realize you’re trying to trade one perpetuated stereotype for another. Criminalizing princesses is just as bad as downplaying a woman’s achievements due to a perceived societal stance on beauty. I happen to think Jane Goodall is beautiful as she is, thank you very much. 
‘Princess’ should not be a deragatory word. Do you know what I learned from Disney princesses?
~ I deserve respect, as an individual, and I should give respect to others (The Little Mermaid)
~ Reading is awesome, books are your friend, and anyone who says otherwise deserves to be insulted with vocabulary they can’t comprehend (Beauty and the Beast)
~ Stand up for yourself and don’t let anyone objectify you (Aladdin)
~ Working hard is a positive asset, and so is making sure your priorities are straight (The Princess and the Frog)
~ Have grace and respond with kindness, even when others are undeserving (Cinderella)
~ Be careful what you wish for (Brave)
~ Treat nature kindly (Pocahontas)
~ Don’t let anyone discriminate against you because you’re a woman (Mulan)
~ Sometimes tough love is necessary. (The Lion King)
~ Don’t celebrate prematurely. It isn’t over until it’s over. (Sleeping Beauty)
~ Fierceness and compassion each have their time and place (Tangled)

I could go on, but I think my point is clear. Are there flaws with the princess mentality? Yes.  They are always thin, tall and elegant. But they also treat others kindly, follow their hearts, use their brains, have adventures and are open to discovering new things about themselves. Are there flaws with the anti-princess mentality? Yes. Both sides have to work together for the next generation of women to be able to enjoy being intellectual and beautiful– these aren’t all or nothing character traits. 

So why don’t we stop critiquing girls for what they like, and just let them play and be imaginative? Let them be princess astronauts and race car drivers and whatever else they like. Let them be.


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