National make it stop day

Remember the good old days, when stores would annoy you by putting the next season’s merchandise out way too early? Back to school would come out in July, Halloween in August and Christmas in September? I’d take that over the latest trend of having every single day be national something day.

For instance, today is national s’mores day. Yesterday was book lovers day. I’ve also seen sisters day, cousins day, ice cream day, Star Wars day. One day the Internet mistakenly had it be 2 different national days of something on the same day– the horror!
But really, it has to stop. Can we stop obsessing over every day standing for something? Can today just be Saturday, and if I happen to make s’mores, that’s great? Do I have to see every restaurant post a different s’mores recipe? Can I just enjoy a book because I love reading, and not because some random person decided to arbitrarily declare it book lover’s day?!
This is really just a plea to stop finding an odd reason to celebrate. If you want to celebrate, why do you need a reason? Do we really need a whole day set aside to celebrate ice cream? Can’t we just enjoy a nice ice cream cone just because we feel like it?
By the way, I love my sister. But I don’t need a national day to tell her so, because I make sure she already knows. So arbitrary celebratory day deciders,take a break. Maybe tomorrow is even national take a break day. 

2 thoughts on “National make it stop day

  1. Hehe this makes me giggle. I don't do the national blah-blah days either, but last year when I was sick and needed to pull together things for a sub to do with my class, some of those national days were great fillers! And…could be somewhat educational?


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