Ladies’ Night Book Review

Mary Kay Andrews is one of my favorite authors. She continually crafts excellent story lines, authentic characters, and hilarious situations. All her books are set in the South, which gives my Alaska-residing self a dose of home without the expensive plane ticket. Ladies’ Night is set on the Florida coast, which I dearly miss. Although I lived in Florida, I lived just far enough inland that the sea breeze didn’t reach is. Thankfully the characters don’t have that problem, and Andrews perfectly describes both the smothering heat and that elusive gentle breeze. 
The plot follows lifestyle blogger Grace Stanton as she discovers her husband’s secret and reacts spontaneously and severely. A sexist judge sends a group of angry soon-to-be divorcees and a newly single-and-jilted dad to divorce counseling. Yet something about their counselor is decidedly off. Intrigue, research and shenanigans ensue.
The hardest part of reading one of Andrews’ books is seeing the heroines fall from grace. And boy, does Grace fall. It’s brutal to read, and never ending. 
By constructing multiple story lines, adding a dash of mystery and including great recipes, Andrews has created another great read.
Buying a MKA book is never a waste, as they’re all re-readable. If I’m going to buy a book, I want to be able to enjoy reading it several times. Andrews has yet to disappoint me. 
Have you read it? What are your thoughts? 

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