Un-Happily Ever After: Melody Time

Ah, Christmas. The past four Christmases weren’t white and were way too warm. But this year is different. This Christmas is our first Alaskan Christmas. And it will definitely be white.
            My love for Disney permeates every area of my life– including my Christmas decorations. I’ve got my Mickey and Minnie cookie jar, my Mickey and Minnie platter, my Disney tree decorations. I love Disney Christmas.
            Melody Time isn’t very Christmas-y. Sure, it opens up with a wintry scene that was enjoyable. But, like the rest of the package films, the lack of flow was really distracting. The only thing I don’t like about old movies is the pre-movie credits. With the package films, there’s pre-movie credits with every short! Definitely doesn’t put me in the mood for rocking around the Disney-Christmas tree.
            MT didn’t put me in the Christmas spirit for another reason: it’s a tad depressing. To be honest, I got bored half way through watching it and finished it another day. The only short I really remember is the last one, about Pecos Bill. Being from Oklahoma, I enjoy the South-Western themes and stories. When I first saw Roy Rogers (with Trigger, of course!) I mixed him up in my head with Will Rogers, who is a huge deal in Oklahoma. Then I had to look up both Roy and Will. Turns out Roy got married in Oklahoma, so at least there’s some connection (it’s a stretch, I know).
            Disney often gets criticized for their Happily Ever After endings. Well, peeps, you know to watch Melody Time. Roy Rogers is telling the tale of Pecos Bill as an answer to why coyotes howl at the moon. In my opinion, this segment is hands-down the best of the film. Everything ties together nicely…until the end.  Pecos and his love are separated, causing Pecos to howl at the moon while the coyotes follow suit (This makes sense, as coyotes raised him, so they’re close like that). And that’s the end. The sad, sad end.

            I’m curious to see what other films have sad endings. Other than the lost boys of Pinocchio, that is. When I first saw the next film on the list, Atlantis, I loved it. I hope that’s still the case and my expectations don’t get the best of me. Of course, when I watch Atlantis, it will be in our new house—we’re closing tomorrow morning!


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