(Re) Discovering Disney

I don’t think it’s a secret around here how much I love Disney. Disney channel, Disney movies, Disney store, Walt Disney himself, Disney World. I’m Disney-centric. Since moving to Alaska, we have yet to re-activate our DirecTV. This has less to do with DTV and more to do with our not wanting to deal with installing a satellite dish at our apartment (especially since I REALLY want to move out of this apartment. The builder has apparently never heard of soundproofing and our upstairs neighbor’s personal volume on life is not an inside voice, to say the least. It’s like living under a year-round mardi-gras.) I’ve really been missing Disney Channel, which has led me to watching lots and lots of Disney movies that I own. J loves bonus features of discs and one night we found ourselves playing a “Name all 50 Disney animated movies” game on the Tangled  blu-ray.

Side note: Tangled is officially my 2nd favorite Disney animated feature. The first is The Lion King, obviously.

Anyway, I named 30-something movies off the top of my head. Then my dirty little secret was revealed.

J: Wow, you know a lot of these.
Me: Yeah… I really want to see Bambi, but it looks so sad.
J: WHAT?! You, of all people, have never seen Bambi?!

I know, I know. It’s shocking. Shameful, even. But it also inspired my next Disney-focused adventure. You know, since DisneyWorld is now 4,000 miles away (what was I thinking?!)

And so I’ve been inspired to watch all 50 Disney animated films. I can’t say I’m looking forward to repeating Pinocchio, and I generally only watch Fox and the Hound if I feel the need to cry. Despite my deep love of all things Disney, the earliest feature length films aren’t my favorite. To counteract the opening 20 minutes of credits, I’m going to alternate my viewing order. I’ll watch number 1, then number 50. So on and so forth. This way I work my way towards the middle and don’t loose steam around Black Cauldron.

To the critics: Because of my deep love of all things Disney, I’m often criticized. I am not naive, immature nor am I trying to re-create my childhood. I read voraciously (see, Disney fans can use big words) and am up to date on current events. You may judge me all you like for avoiding dark and depressing television shows and films. But honestly? There’s enough darkness in this world. I don’t need to invite it into my living room.

I am taking a bit of a break from the Baking Odyssey. I need to lessen my intake of super bad for you desserts, thus the (re)Discovering Disney sidetrack. Plus, it’s fall here in Alaska. Meaning days are shortening and temperatures dropping, but not yet to the point where my urge to bake completely overtakes my life. And I think watching all 50 animated features is a nice way to honor the theatrical re-release of The Lion King in a mere 14 days.

THAT’S RIGHT!! TLK returns to it’s rightful place, theatres nationwide, 2 weeks from today. AAAAHHH!!!!

On that note, I’ll be writing soon with all sorts of Alaskan Adventures. And of course a report on Snow White, the first ever Disney animated film.

Wishing you all happily ever afters 🙂


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