The Little Things Make Normal Days Great Days

I was completely hooked into Jen Lancaster’s new book, If You Were Here (P.S., Finished it, loved it. Of course, I have a serious weakness for books about houses and her humor, so I was destined to love it anyway). I’d been reading before bed, but knew I’d need to actually get in my jammies and wash my face and whatnot. I went and did my pre-bed ritual and had left my book, open and bookmarked, on the bed so I could continue reading with the least amount of disturbance. When I walked into the bedroom this is what I found:
I can reads, too?
If the book wasn’t upside down in this photo, I’d be convinced our sweet (read: dumb) Nala was actually smart and was in fact reading. But it wasn’t…so assumptions about Nala’s brain activity remain the same.
In other news, my Lion King movie poster (from the 2002 re-release at IMAX) arrived today. Disney Movie Rewards is my favorite club ever. Free Lion King movie poster pretty much guarantees my lifetime loyalty to you. J laughed when I mentioned removing the Monet print from its frame in order to immediately frame the LK poster. Apparently he thought I was kidding?


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