The Baking Odyssey Goes Modern

A dear friend of mine was kind enough to share her recipe for Key Lime Cake Balls. She made them, I got addicted to them and then I just had to have them! I tried the recipe out to great success. Well, kind of. They tasted delicious and only half of them were not so pretty.

The cake ball process can be a bit intimidating. You make a lovely cake, crumble it up into tiny pieces, make yummy cream cheese frosting (so the cake balls aren’t overly sweet), toss just the right amount with the cake crumbles, roll into balls, roll the balls in melted candy coating and then decorate. My decoration was limited to sprinkles, since my first cake ball journey kind of wore me out.

The only true issue I had was that with the first two dozen cake balls, I forgot to get the extra candy coating off the fork. So each cake ball had a pool of candy coating under it. This isn’t really a problem, except that I ran out of candy coating. I couldn’t bring myself to go all the way across town (for the second time that day) to get more candy coating, so I just left 15 cake balls uncoated. I could have used a glaze or come up with something creative. But I was taking the finished cake balls to a church picnic and had a craving to satisfy, so over the next 36 hours Hubby and I ate the non-coated cake balls. And they were still delicious!

The cake balls were also a huge success at the picnic and were gone before the meat finished cooking. If there’s a sign of success, I’d say that’s it 🙂

Apparently I forgot to blog about sugar cookies, which I made over a year ago for the Baking Odyssey. I can’t remember how they turned out! Terribly sorry, but I won’t be repeating. The Baking Odyssey is already a long-term endeavor; repeats are just silly.

I also made Chocolate Chippers, the very first dessert recipe in the Baking Odyssey. Instead of making 3 dozen regular sized cookies, I decided to make a cookie cake. It was one BIG  cookie cake! But it turned out well. Since the cookbook was written before margarine replaced butter, and before butter was substituted for shortening, I can only imagine the calorie content of that giant cookie. Thankfully it’s one of hubby’s favorite treats, so it shouldn’t tempt me for too long 🙂

That’s the Baking Odyssey Update! Modern and Old-Fashioned, all in one week.


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