A Baker’s Nightmare

I’m currently living a baker’s nightmare.

I have no kitchen. No flour, no sugar. I’m without my KitchenAid Mixer for 3-5 weeks.

Alaska has so much to offer us. Unfortunately, pet-friendly housing has not been in the cards for us. We’ve been living in a hotel room for 10 days. Kitchenless. A microwave is our greatest asset, and even that is down the hall. The situation could be so much worse. We’re incredibly lucky to have a pet-friendly hotel that will give us a low weekly rate.

Sadly, my heart is breaking because I’m without not only all of my baking tools, but also any area in which to bake. My hands are itching to knead bread and form it into loaves. I miss the scents of a homemade dinner wafting through the house. And where, oh where, will I be able to find a replacement for Publix’s crusty baguettes for my crustini recipe?!

The dogs are missing their doggy door and fenced yard as much as I long for a kitchen. Layla stares at me with her wise eyes, asking why they can’t be outside more than 15 minutes at a time. The answer, of course, is that we’re still a little bit wimpy from living in Florida and can’t handle the cold for more than that amount of time most days.

Nala is resting her head on my lap; her way of communicating she needs either attention or to go out. Alaska has captured all of our hearts (despite the chill) and continues to do so with each lungful of fresh air and breathtaking mountain view.

Nala’s face tells me what she needs–outside we go. More descriptions-and hopefully photos- will come soon.


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