Adventure is out there!

Today my title is a quote from the Disney/Pixar film “Up”. Young Ellie says this to her future husband, Carl, when they’re children. Their dream is to find adventure in Paradise Falls. As their lives progress, they must use their Paradise Falls savings for emergency expenses. My husband and I have not only found our Paradise Falls, we’ve decided to move there.

Our Paradise Falls is the great state of Alaska. We’ve dreamed of going there for some time, and now we’ve decided to move there. We may not always have this opportunity, and so we are chasing our dream while we can. It may be permanent, it may not. We don’t know what Alaska has in store for us, but we’re certainly excited to find out.

Our journey should begin in just a few short weeks. We’ll most likely be road-tripping up through the U.S. and Canada. Our three lovable dogs will certainly add another element of adventure to our trip. The first time Layla and Nala see snow will definitely warrant a post. Charlie has seen snow, but we’re excited for him to be reacquainted with it. We’re looking forward to seeing not only a good portion of the U.S., but certain people as well. As we’re going from Florida to Alaska, we plan on making 2 to 3 major stops along the way. We’re looking at a 7 to 10 day trip. First we’ll be stopping in Oklahoma to visit my family (and Taco Bueno, for those of you familiar with my childhood favorite eatery). From there, we’ll either go to the Grand Canyon and/or Yellowstone National Park.

Although we will be spending a lot of time on the road, I fully plan on documenting our entire trip. Thankfully technology allows me to continually update you, as I do have a laptop. This will allow me to daily reflect on our journey, and upload these lovely tidbits for your reading pleasure every time we have wi-fi access. Seeing as how every McDonald’s and Starbucks now has free wi-fi, these shouldn’t be too far apart.

I hope you all will follow our journey and keep us in your thoughts and prayers. Our Alaska Adventure will probably dominate the blog topics for a bit. While moving to Alaska is a great adventure, living there is an even greater one. With locations like the Denali National Park, expect frequent articles on the beauty and majesty of the state…and the insane activities my husband is already talking me into (white water rafting, anyone?!).

I promise to also take loads of photos and regularly upload them here as well as on Facebook.

I’ll keep you updated. And remember… Adventure is out there!


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