Living in the Dark Ages

The fear of getting too close is not unfamiliar to me. Depending too much on anything is dangerous, as it can be suddenly and shockingly removed. And I’m left here, alone, with symptoms of withdrawal and not knowing how to go back to the way life was before it entered my life.

My fear has come true.

My central form of organization for life, my iPod touch, has broken. An empty white screen stared back at me for a day until I gave up hope of a revival as sudden as its demise. I did what any concerned loved one would do. I called Apple.

I had to speak with two people at Apple. The first guy, bless his heart, spent five minutes on the phone with me while my computer took its sweet time opening iTunes. After being thoroughly embarrassed by my computers’ lack of reaction, he suggested I try restarting it. I said I’d call back.

After remedying the computer, I got the serial number of my iPod and had Apple call me. They’re paying to have my iPod shipped to them, where they will repair it for free (or so they told me), and then ship it back to me. In the meantime, my entire schedule is up in the air. I stored my schedule, all four of my e-mail accounts and various other items in my iPod. So I feel like my life has been turned upside down.

I never planned on becoming so attached to a piece of technology. But my entire day is in sync with my iPod. My music, my calendar, my e-mail, my blog reading, my e-books, my games, my house searching app…. I have to do without all of this for a week.

Which basically means I’ll respond to your e-mails after next Wednesday, when I’m told I’ll have my life back. Until then, I feel like I’m living in the dark ages.


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