The Reason for my Absence

As my sister so kindly pointed out, I have not updated my blog in forever. BUT I have a very good reason. My awesome husband. It’s all his fault.

It’s his fault because he got me a Kitchen Aid Artisan stand mixer for our 6 month wedding anniversary. Which means instead of baking things from my book, I’ve been baking breads and goodies from the Kitchen Aid cookbook that came with the mixer. So to play catch up, here’s what I’ve baked recently:

Lots of bread. Homemade bread is pretty much the best side dish with dinner ever. And it’s great for sandwiches too.

Chocolate Lava Cakes– Melt Ghiradelli chocolate with heavy cream, refrigerate until malleable. Roll into cold little chocolate balls, then make cake batter. Pour cake batter into chocolate ramekins, add ball. Bake. Delight in the amazingness. So rich, but so good.

Nieman Marcus Chocolate Chip Cookies– OMG. That is all.

I once used the stand mixer 4 times in one day. That’s how much I’ve been baking. I’ve definitely made more than this, but I can’t seem to think of what it is I’ve been making. Of course, it doesn’t last very long.

In other news, I’ve begun writing for I am the Tallahassee Budget Fitness Examiner, so check it out please.

More baking to come, and you know what that means. I’ll actually update the blog more often 🙂


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