What’s Under the Food Counts Too

I recently realized something horrendous: our house is not cohesive. I used to like the eclectic cozy vibe that emanated from my furniture but now… it drives me crazy. Since I can’t randomly replace all my furniture (or slipcover it all- those things are seriously expensive!), I’ve decided to tackle small things. Like the dishes.

Our dishes were the definition of eclectic. We had plastic plates and bowls that were 4-for-a-dollar at Target four years ago, and saying they looked worn would be a kind way to put it. We also had a mish-mash of designs among our ceramic plates. For our wedding, I registered for Pfaltzgraff service for 8, in a beautiful design, which went on a possibly never-ending backorder about two months before our wedding. Of course they didn’t bother to tell me the dishes I registered for were no longer available to be ordered, they just took them off our registry. Thanks, Amazon. Thanks a lot. Not to fear, friends, I have finally got my Pfaltzgraff!
On the downside, it’s not the original design I wanted. On the upside, it was approximately 80% easier on my bank account. They were available at Sam’s Club (LOVE their random kitchen stuff!), and then went on SALE at Sam’s Club (LOVE that way more!). So although they weren’t originally what I wanted, they’ve become so much better. Partially because they are in my cabinets! And they are beautiful, and durable, and I don’t have to open my computer to see them! My mother-in-law has the same brand in a different design, and assured me that they are incredibly durable, which is perfect for my hubby, who can be kind of hard on dishes (mostly glasses).
And to make it even better, we replaced our worn plastic dishes with pretty melamine ones from Target. A beautiful dinner isn’t just about the food; after their plates have been scraped clean, our guests will see our beautiful dishes. There’s something very satisfying about that.
Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go drool over my dishes. The ones in the cabinets.

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