C VS The Furniture- C is the Winner!

I battled the furniture…and I won.

We have limited space and limited means to organize that space and make it as wonderful as possible. I wrote earlier about my endeavor to re-arrange the furniture in our house in order to improve it for both us and our guests. And I succeeded! The chair is in the bedroom, and though I’ve only sat in it once, I’m enjoying the way the room looks much more now. The space is also more functional, which is a nice bonus.

On a plus side of our friends and guests, we now have a love seat! That means no more wooden dining room chairs in the living room while we’re hanging out. We now have a couch, a chair, and a love seat. It’s amazing- we could actually have both sets of our parents over and everyone could be comfortable! It’s the little things that make life better. I promise pictures are coming soon, but I’m a bit of a photo failure right now and haven’t uploaded photos in forever…so nag me. And eventually I’ll post them.

I battled Spanish- and I lost. Sad day. After taking two years in high school, I thought I could take the CLEP test, get the credits I needed, and graduate this semester. Sadly, I had more confidence in myself than I deserved. I took a placement test as practice today, and only tested out of one level. I needed to test out of three levels. On the bright side, I didn’t waste $87 for the CLEP test and I am saving approximately $600 on course fees, but I’m kicking myself for not doing this last semester. I know I have a list of good reasons– a full course load, wedding planning, working quite a bit, and ultimately no free time to study Spanish– yet I still regret it. Now, I will graduate one to two semesters late. Although this is a major bummer, I realize that my plan and God’s plan may not be the same. In the end, I will be where I’m supposed to be. All I can do is accept that and try and make the best of it. However, if anyone looks like me and knows Spanish fluently…. Just kidding. Maybe. Unless you really want to, and feel the system is flawed….

Re-arranging the furniture was a very nice distraction from the emotional flip-flop I’ve been in recently. I’m very thankful for my amazing husband and wonderful friends in Tallahassee, but I’ve really been missing my out-of-town friends. It seems the older we get, the farther we move away, and often to more remote places with sketchy internet. The friendships remain strong, sometimes even growing over the distance, yet I still miss being able to sit down and drink coffee with them and just catch up. I was able to do that in town with a friend yesterday, and it made me realize how much I miss having all my friends nearby. So to those of you (and you know who you are!), just know that I’m thinking about you and missing you.

To end on a happy note, Febreeze and Swiffer joined forces, and my floors smell amazing. Not quite amazing enough to have me camp out on them, but pretty darn close.


One thought on “C VS The Furniture- C is the Winner!

  1. Welcome Aboard blogger( I just watched Pirates of the Carribean)!!! I miss you so much! and you make me blush, by the way. I want to see pictures! I will send you a longer message soon! hopefully I will be able to call, but things have been hectic around here.


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